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Item# IGAIRCC: This Aircraft Cabin Cleaner interview guide includes everything you need to cover when interviewing candidates for this job, including technical skills, educational background, work experience, and "people skills" questions. Buy it once, then download and use it every time you interview an Aircraft Cabin Cleaner candidate for years to come!

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    This Aircraft Cabin Cleaner job interview guide covers the full interview experience, including an Aircraft Cabin Cleaner job description, preparation tips, rapport-building and opening questions, how to probe and follow-up, background and general questions, and behavioral questions and target behaviors in these core competencies:
    • Attention to Detail
    • Customer Focus
    • Dependability
    • Functional Knowledge
    • Initiative
    • Quality Focus
    • Safety Focus
    • Tolerance of Repetition/Environmental Stress
    Also includes closing questions, rating scales, assessment and a candidate comparison chart.

    Author:  Anne Sandberg
    Publisher: Predict Success,
    Publication Date: c2008, All Rights Reserved
    Customized job interview guides are available for 200+ different jobs across industry and are designed to provide the interviewer with an easy-to-use format that is job-specific, professional, legally defensible and content valid.

    Each interview guide was carefully constructed to focus on the specific core competencies critical for success in the position.  Each interview guide contains a complete interview package for a given job, including:

    1. Job data – record specific information about the job interview;
    2. Job description – brief overview of the role which roughly corresponds to the O*net, which is the primary source for the occupational information in the U.S. and much of the Western world;
    3. Preparation-- instructions about what to do before the interview;
    4. Opening – includes rapport-building questions and opening questions and comments;
    5. Probing and follow-up questions – instructions on how to do this well;
    6. Candidate background – seven key questions to ask every candidate;
    7. Technical skills and knowledge – education and experience requirements that support success on the specific job;
    8. Competencies – 5-10 core competencies (from our library of 60) with 2-4 target behaviors (interview “answers” or “look for” behaviors) and paired behavioral interview questions per competency. 
    9. Closing – three key questions and contact information-gathering;
    10. Candidate assessment – grid with rating scale and process for evaluating all skills and competencies (can be weighted) and an overall rating;
    11. Overall comments – record strengths, concerns and conclusion;
    12. Candidate Comparison Chart – used to compare all candidates for a job opening to establish a ranked hierarchy of interview performance.

    Interview guides were constructed using the online Interview Generator system ( which is a flexible, comprehensive database that users access to construct, edit and download job interviews for any job. Subscriptions to Interview Generator are available. You can learn more about Interview Generator at
    Interview guides are used by those who conduct job interviews, typically hiring managers, recruiters and human resources staff, regardless of prior experience conducting selection interviews. Interview guides standardize the employment process to ensure a high-quality experience for both candidates and the interviewer and protects the organization from charges of unfair hiring practices since each interview guide focuses on job-relevant criteria.
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