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Item# RSB-A-OL: This Assertiveness Rapid Skill Builder eLearning course explores the subject of assertiveness and offers a whole process to help you to build skills in this critical area.


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    Assertiveness is a philosophy and a technique of communication. It involves getting a deeper understanding of just what goes on when we interact with others, particularly when an element of conflict is present (which covers, of course, most of human experience).

    This Assertiveness Skills course uses video vignettes, an expert facilitator, and a downloadable workbook to help you explore the subject of assertiveness, get practical advice, and build skills in this critical area. Most people complete the course in about an hour.

    Publisher: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development

    Author: Jon Warner and Anne Sandberg Publication Date 2007 All rights reserved.
    The Rapid Skill-Builder series of short video-based on-line training programs offers a new and exciting way for individuals to develop important basic skills that will better equip them to perform more effectively in their current job or as they move into management or leadership roles. Built around extremely practical videovignetteswith an expert leadership training facilitator, the Rapid Skill-Builder eLearning modules describe best practice in the topic area, and then model the skills through video vignettes, showcased in real workplace situations.
    Rapid Skill Builder online courses are ideal for basic skill development for employees of all kinds. They can be used as part of an individual development plan, as well as in support of a larger training initiative. They are often used as a pre-course activity before a planned in-person training event or as reinforcement of important skills after a training or development event, or any other situation where a practical best practice process is required and time is limited.

    The participant workbooks and cue cards that accompany this eLearning course are also available separately in this store for use in local workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions, and other informal learning events. Those who take the eLearning course may download them as part of their coursework.

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    This Rapid Skill Builder eLearning Course is delivered via the internet. At the completion of your purchase, you will be provided with a web link (website address) and a password to access your course.In addition to the fully narrated course, including video vignettes demonstrating the skills you are learning, you will also be able to download a copy of the accompanying workbook, action template and cue cards. Be sure to follow the instructions provided when you begin your learning, to ensure youdownload all your learning materials.
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