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Item# WGACTLIS: "Active Listening" is a fun communication game that demonstrates the difference between active listening and general disinterest or listening indifference. Participants role play both listening to and ignoring their partners.

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    Use as a demonstration prior to drawing out the do’s and don’ts of active listening or to reinforce them. Any time it is necessary to practice communication skills, especially the specific skills required for effective listening and rapport building.

    This game has the potential to

    • show the critical importance of listening in rapport building
    • demonstrate the need for participating together in effective communication
    • provide listening skills and tools
    • draw out (hidden) needs and wants
    • identify pitfalls and barriers to effective communication
    • challenge behavior
    • draw out the do’s and don’ts of active listening
    • display creative orientation in action
    • demonstrate the experiential learning methodology

    Participants: any number in pairs (use one group of three for odd number)
    Time to play: 5 minutes
    Time to debrief: 10 minutes

    WorldGames booklets include game instructions, usage suggestions, facilitator scripts, participant handouts (if appropriate) and debriefing instructions.

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